If you’ve got this far I must welcome you to the members’ area on the new club website!

Reading this inaugural Chairman’s Blog posting means that you now have a complete set of tools for keeping in touch with all things St. George’s. There are regular email Flyers to keep you in touch with announcements and upcoming events. There’s the new Members’ Handbook which will tell you everything you need to know about the club. And this, the new website members’ area, carries news, results, committee stuff, downloads and handy reference material.

As I outlined at the AGM in September, these resources sound the death-knell for the club’s traditional newsletter, a bi-monthly publication that I had the pleasure and privilege of editing for five years. Times change and we need to change with them, but please be assured that all the things that the newsletter contained are still available through our new information channels.

If, despite this veritable cornucopia of information, you’ve got a question about the club to which you cannot find an answer please just have a word with any member of the committee and we’ll do our very best to help.

I am very grateful to our webmaster Sam Norman for his hard work on developing the new website which, I’m sure you’ll agree, must be one of the freshest archery club websites in the country. Thank you very much Sam.

Onwards and upwards folks!


Steve Trimmins

Author: Steve Trimmins

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