About Us

Our Venues

The club is based at Allerton Park, Allerton

We also shoot at Wetherby High School

Shooting Times

Summer (April to September)

The range is available 7 days per week for those wishing to shoot outside club shooting times. The club recommends that anyone wishing to shoot should have another responsible person present.

Only experienced senior members may shoot alone, and do so entirely at their own risk. (An experienced archer is defined as someone who has been a club member for at least one year)

Winter (October to March)

During the Winter season we shoot on Wednesday evenings in the main sports hall at Wetherby High School, and on Friday evenings at St. John Fisher School. Sessions run from 7pm to 9pm and cost £2 per person .

How Do I Join?

It is a requirement that anyone joining the club has completed an Archery GB beginners’ course either with us or with another Archery GB-affiliated club. If you have shot previously and wish to take up the sport again you may not have to complete a beginners’ course; our coaches will assess your level of knowledge and competence.

How Much Does it Cost?

Beginners’ courses cost £50 for juniors and £75 for adults with all equipment provided. Find details here.

Our annual membership fee is £90 for Seniors 25 ,  £60 for Seniors 18-24 and £37.50 for Juniors (under 18) . The membership year runs from 1st September and there are pro rata reductions for people joining part-way through the year.

Outdoor shooting is free of charge. Indoor shooting attracts a range fee of £2 per archer per session.