Working regularly with a coach can help you to achieve your ambitions as an archer, whatever they may be.

Help and support from the club’s coaching team is freely available to all club members: juniors and seniors; novices and experienced; competition archers and just-for-fun shooters.

The team caters for all bow types and offers:

* Coaching tailored specifically to the areas you feel you would like to improve via a shared review of your technique.

* A personalised coaching programme wwith regular planning, practice and review to help you to achieve your personal archery goals.

* Advice on equipment selection, set-up and tuning as an integral part of our coaching.

To get started just choose a coach and speak to them about your needs.

“The key to improving your shooting lies in your own commitment to spend time to adopt and practice the things you have discussed with your chosen coach”.

Meet the Coaches

Steve Trimmins

Sheila Taylor

Lesley Wallace

Julian Crump

Sam Norman