How To Score…

Standard Target Faces which are made in different sizes are generally of five colours: gold, red, blue, black and white.

Each coloured circle is divided by a central line, this format is used by both G.N.A.S. and F.I.T.A. Depending on the type of round being shot the colours can have different scoring values.

These are shown in the diagrams below:

Score Sheets

Scoresheets can be downloaded here.

Most score sheets follow a similar format, however, despite the differences in design, scoring always follows the same pattern. Examples of a shore sheet and how to use it are shown below. The first example is a of a score sheet suitable for a single distance round, e.g. a Portsmouth (5 dozen arrows at 20 yards).

Arrows would are shot in threes. The score for the first three would be entered on line one – left to right – highest to lowest. The next three arrows would also be entered on line one using the same criteria. The score for the half dozen would then be totalled. The scores for the next half dozen would also be entered on line one, totalled and then added to the previous half dozen to give the score. The same format is followed through lines 2,3,4 etc. The score for each dozen is added to the previous score to form a running total.